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Hyperkin Smart Boy Turns Your iPhone Into a Game Boy

by Joseph
Hyperkin Smart Boy

Hyperkin Smart Boy

Here’s a new idea: Real products that started out as April Fool’s Day pranks but became real through sheer force of consumer enthusiasm. That’s the inspirational story behind the Hyperkin Smart Boy, a gadget that turns an iPhone into a tactile Nintendo Game Boy emulator – it was originally a joke, but the Hyperkin people underestimated the public’s thirst for such a device, and now they’re promising to put it into production.

The Hyperkin Smart Boy will be more than just a cosmetic iPhone attachment.  It will allow users to insert and play actual Game Boy cartridges, but without any AA batteries required. The only puzzling thing is that anyone at Hyperkin thought this wouldn’t be a massive success, but maybe that was what made it a funny April Fool’s Day joke.

Anyway, the Hyperkin Smart Boy is still in its development stages, so a firm release date is still a little while off. But you can read Hyperkin’s press release on the project here, and you might want to break the news to your Game Boy that he’s going to be obsolete in the near future.

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