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HyperChiller Iced Coffee Maker From Hyperbius (Video)

by Joseph


I know it’s probably hard to believe right now, but in just a few months (at most) you’ll be in the mood for iced coffee again. And if by that time you want to stop dropping five bucks a cup on daily beverages, you might want to get yourself a Hyperbius HyperChiller iced coffee maker.

The HyperChiller is billed as “the most effective iced coffee maker ever,” and the secret to its effectiveness (and the inordinately flavorful iced brews it produces) is in its numerous chambers which allow the coffee to be flash-chilled without ever touching or being diluted by the ice.

What?? Yeah! Almost as impressive as that is the fact that the HyperChiller costs just under $30 at the Hyperbius online store here, where you can also get a lot more info on the item and how it works. Or you could just check it out in the short video below.

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