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Hydro Hammock: A Hot Tub, Hammock, and More

by Joseph
Hydro Hammock

Hydro Hammock

Inventor Benjamin H. Frederick has done something I wouldn’t have thought possible before today:┬áHe’s combined the hammock and the hot tub in a way that isn’t a soggy, impossible-to-sit-in mess. Instead, it’s the Hydro Hammock, and it can also serve as a liner for a traditional hot tub, an outdoor shower, a makeshift swimming pool, and more.

Constructed from a sturdy synthetic fabric, the Hydro Hammock just needs a source of water and power to heat it, and it can provide all these many services. It’s efficient, too – in its shower configuration, you can take a 2-hour hot shower with just three gallons of water.

You can see what else the Hydro Hammock can do over at the product’s listing on Kickstarter here, where it has a ways to go in the next two-and-a-half weeks to hit its fundraising goal. Pre-orders start at $260, so make one now if you want to see it become a reality.

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