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HuskeeCup: A Coffee Cup Made from Recycled Coffee

by Joseph


We all remember the great coffee table book about coffee tables by author Cosmo Kramer, and now it appears that the recursive coffee-related product subgenre has a new entry. It’s called HuskeeCup, and it’s a coffee cup actually made out of recycled coffee husk.

Recycled coffee husk and organic resin go into each HuskeeCup as a way to fight the absurd amount of coffee husk that’s wasted every day, but the cups are sturdy and functional too, purported to be resistant to chips and cracks. They’re also stackable, machine washable, and are supposed to keep your coffee hot longer than a traditional ceramic cup does.

HuskeeCup coffee cups are priced at $34 and up, and you can place your order at the product’s official site here, where you can also percolate your mind by getting a lot more information on how they’re made, and how such an unlikely product is even possible.


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