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Huntington Base Ball Company Reproduction Baseballs

by Joseph
Huntington Base Ball Company

Huntington Base Ball Company

As evidenced by their old-timey name, the Huntington Base Ball Company is a brand that respects the storied history of America’s Pastime. Now, they’ve come out with a collection of reproduction baseballs that might make a great gift for the baseball-obsessed person in your life this holiday season.

The Huntington Base Ball Company’s Federal League (pictured above) and Pacific Coast League reproduction baseballs are made by hand exactly as they were a century ago, right down to their regulation sizes and weights. In the case of the Federal League balls, the original “Victor” stamp is an added touch—just in time for the ongoing Federal League centennial anniversary.

Despite their impressive sense of history, the Huntington Base Ball Company reproduction baseballs are priced at just under $50, available in limited editions from the Ebbets Field Flannels online store right here. Get yours now before it’s going, going, going, gone (sorry, I just had to).

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