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Humza Deas Selling Prints of Instagram Rooftop Shots (Photos)

by Joseph
Humza Deas

The stereotype about Instagram and other similar services favored by people who have never actually used them is that it’s just a bunch of 17-year-olds taking pictures of their lunches. Instagram user Humza Deas has found an impressive level of success on Instagram, and even though he is only 17 years old, he’s putting a lot more work into his photos than just a snap at Starbucks.

Humza Deas’ Instagram MO is to take incredible God’s-eye-view shots from skyscraper rooftops and on top of bridges and send them to his almost 70,000 Instagram followers. But now he’s also selling limited edition prints of some of his best shots for $250 a pop.

You can see the four shots selected by Humza Deas to be turned into limited edition art prints in the gallery below, and if you think one of them might look good on your wall head over to his website here where they can be purchased.

Here are the photos, be careful if you’re afraid of heights:

Humza DeasHumza DeasHumza DeasHumza Deas

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