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Humphrey Chair From Texas Rover Company

by Joseph
Humphrey Chair

Humphrey Chair

The Texas Rover Company is devoted to their self-proclaimed mission of “creating quality goods for the modern adventurer with an appreciation of the past.” Not included in that description is that the modern adventurer in question would also need to have a fat bank account to afford a quality product like their new Humphrey Chair.

The Humphrey Chair looks a lot like a standard camp chair, but it’s crafted from Texas pecan wood and has an oiled premium leather seat, all hanging together with custom brass bolts. And I have to admit, it looks great, and it also looks like it’s pretty comfortable by camp chair standards. It was inspired by a chair favored by South African explorers back in the 1800s, but engineered for both comfort and durability.

You can get a lot more information on the Humphrey Chair at the Texas Rover Company’s official site right here. That fat bank account I mentioned up at the top might come in handy at this point, since this chair also costs a lot more than a typical camp chair — the price is a hair under $1,600.

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