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Hummingbird Bike is Lightweight and Foldable (Video)

by Joseph
Hummingbird Bike

Hummingbird Bike

Folding bikes aren’t new, but it’s a sad fact that most of them are too heavy to make their fold-ability really worthwhile, at least if there are any other transportation options available to you. But the new Hummingbird Bike represents more than one step in the right direction, since it’s extremely lightweight and portable.

Constructed from just over 14 pounds of carbon fiber, the Hummingbird Bike has a novel folding design that pivots the rear wheel in such a way that eliminates using a tensioner and the worry of your bike chain falling down during folding. And when it’s folded down to its most compact size, it’s small enough to carry on an airplane.

You can get more information on the Hummingbird Bike by checking out the promotional video below, or by heading to the bike’s official site here, where info on the Hummingbird’s upcoming Kickstarter campaign should be available soon.

Here’s the video:

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