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Humin: Make Your Contacts Smarter

by Joseph


It’s a common enough problem: You’re trying to find someone in your iPhone contacts, but you just can’t remember the person’s name. Unfortunately, under the phone’s default settings, you’re pretty much out of luck unless you feel like sifting through hundreds or even thousands of contacts and hoping that something catches your memory. But Humin is an app that enhances your contacts so they can be searched along a variety of different lines.

Humin is engineered to replace both the Contacts and Phone functions of the iPhone, and acts as a kind of social data-miner for everyone you know, giving you info on where they work, where they live, and even where or when you met. And it’s all, of course, searchable and loaded with other features that help you organize your social and professional lives.

Humin is currently free for the iPhone, and you can get it, as well as more information, from Humin’s website here.  You can also check out the app in a promotional video below.

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