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Humboldt’s Finest Weed-Infused Vodka

by Joseph
Humboldt's Finest

Humboldt's Finest

Being drunk and high at the same time is a somewhat controversial position, with some arguing that it isn’t even possible, while others swear that it’s a unique and worthwhile experience for those open to it. Humboldt’s Finest vodka probably won’t clear up any of this confusion, but as a 40% ABV vodka infused with legally-grown cannabis sativa hemp engineered to evoke the familiar (and in many parts of the world, totally legal) marijuana aroma, it’s sure to provoke discussions on the topic.

Hemp doesn’t get you high under the most favorable circumstances, so don’t expect Humboldt’s Finest to turn you into Shaggy Rogers after a cocktail. But its “unique herbal aroma” should be pleasing to your inner crime-solving hippie, and its versatility means it can be enjoyed all on its own if you don’t have any other ingredients on hand.

Humboldt’s Finest will be a small-batch limited release when it comes out later this year, and for now you can check it out at the official Humboldt Distillery site right here.

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