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Huffington Post Creates Sideboob Section

by AnthonyP

Huffington Post Sideboob

In what might be the most classless move made by the Huffington Post to date, the news website, also referred to as “HuffPo”, has put up a special section dedicated to celebrity sideboob.

In case you’re wondering what sideboobs are (wait, why would you wonder this?), they’re basically the side profile of a woman’s exposed breast. Due to the fact that most celebrities decline to reveal their naked bosoms, those in the entertainment media are resigned to providing coverage of what little glimpses they can get of celebrity breasts—hence the sideboob.

Not one to skirt controversy, HuffPo has put together an entire section dedicated to sideboob, perhaps in an effort to build their flagging traffic numbers—lost, no doubt, to the numerous other celebrity-crazed websites that continue to sprout throughout the internet like some incredibly pernicious species of mushroom.

Source: BuzzFeed

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