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Hublot King Power Usain Bolt Watch

by Joseph

hublot king power usain bolt


Usain Bolt is the undisputed Fastest Man of All Time, so who better to put his name on an upscale timepiece than the Jamaican sprinter himself?  The watchmakers at Hublot must agree, as they have unveiled the new Hublot King Power Usain Bolt limited edition watch.

Bolt’s special edition watch is very similar to the standard King Power Chronograph, but with a few individual touches that make it Bolt’s own. For instance, the leather strap is said to be exactly the same leather as the shoes he wore when he broke the 100-meter world record at the Beijing Olympics back in 2008. ┬áBut perhaps the most significant feature of all is the limited edition run: Only 250 of the watches will be made.

To find out more about the King Power Usain Bolt watch, or to find out how you can grab one for yourself, check out Hublot’s website, here.


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