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The HP-01: A Smartwatch From 1977 (Photos)

by Joseph

We’re in the midst of the very early stages of the smartwatch era, but it’s recently become known that that era actually began almost 40 years ago. It’s the HP-01, developed by engineers at Hewlett-Packard, and an exclusive prototype of the never-released watch is now on eBay.

The HP-01 has an incredible array of features given its late-70s origins. They include a calculator, an alarm clock, a 200-year calendar, and more, all of which are controlled by way of 28 keys on the face of the watch. It’s run by six chips and three batteries, and it also includes a pen and a stylus, which is probably more than we’ll be able to say about the iPhone 6.

For whatever reason, the HP-01 was never released, but now a prototype model has made its way to eBay, where it’s priced at $14,500. Check out the listing here, and see some photos of the watch in the gallery up at the top.

(via DesignBloom)

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