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How to Choose the Ugliest Ugly Christmas Sweater

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Nothing screams, “Holiday Season!” quite like an ugly Christmas sweater. And as we all know, when it comes to an ugly Christmas sweater, there’s only one rule that applies: The uglier, the better. And when it comes to holiday parties, the only party foul is not wearing an ugly Christmas sweater to the party.

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But exactly what makes an ugly Christmas sweater as ugly as it can be? Here are a few things you should look for:

Color Counts

Sure, those green, white and red ugly Christmas sweaters and as ugly as they are festive, but if you really want your sweater’s ugliness to stand out, why not go with something like a burgundy or maroon? Or maybe even a turquoise! A repulsive color is a great way to make your sweater’s ugliness stand out.


Don’t be afraid to go that extra mile and accessorize your ugly Christmas sweater. Add some lights to brighten things up. Some paper snowflakes would add a nice, seasonal touch. Or you can even look for an ugly Christmas sweater with a Crying Jordan image or the face of your favorite NBA player on it. NBA team logos work too! Anything to add a little more flash to your festive attire.

And it doesn’t hurt to tape a candy-cane or two on there as well—just in case you have to satisfy your sweet tooth on the go.

A Bad Fit Is a Good Fit

Thinking your ugly Christmas sweater is already ugly enough, you may be tempted to look for the perfect fit…. Not so fast. If you really want your sweater to be as ugly as it can be, why would you want a nice fit? Ugly sweaters shouldn’t fit nicely. They should fit terribly. Get one a few sizes too big. Or, better yet, a size or two too small.

Follow these three rules and avoid being that guy at your next ugly Christmas sweater party. Instead, people will be lining up to tell you just how ugly your sweater is.

And who knows? Maybe all of that newfound fame will have you wanting to wear your ugly Christmas sweater beyond Dec. 25 and well into 2017.

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