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‘How Quentin Tarantino Uses Violence’ (Video)

by Joseph
How Quentin Tarantino Uses Violence

How Quentin Tarantino Uses Violence

Lou Reed said “the currents rage so deep inside us, this is the age of video violence,” but what he didn’t mention is that not all video violence is created equal. One of the very best purveyors of that violence is Quentin Tarantino, his mastery of which is the subject of How Quentin Tarantino Uses Violence, a new video essay from The Discarded Image.

Despite his reputation as one of the most violent filmmakers in the world, one of the things you learn when you actually analyze his movies is that particularly in his earlier films, Tarantino often uses suggestion to create the impression of more graphic and explicit onscreen carnage. How Quentin Tarantino Uses Violence goes in-depth into just how he makes his onscreen violence so effective.

You can see How Quentin Tarantino Uses Violence below. And for more cool movie stuff from The Discarded Image, check out its official home on YouTube right here.

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