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New Short Film Asks ‘How BIG Is Google?’ (Video)

by Joseph
How BIG Is Google

How BIG Is Google

If you take a minute, it can be a little overwhelming to think about just how big an impact Google has on our daily lives. The word “Google” has become a verb, but we use Google (and Google-owned products) for a lot more than just googling. There’s Gmail, and YouTube, and Google Maps, and even more coming in the future.

But if you’re interested in more specific facts about the enormity of the Google empire, you should watch this new short film, descriptively titled How BIG Is Google?, which seeks to answer that question. It takes a look at Google’s history, its recent expansions, and it gives viewers a look at what the future might hold for Google (and, by extension, the rest of us).

How BIG Is Google? lasts a little over 12 minutes, so if you’re interested and have the time to spare, you can check it out below.

Here it is:

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