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Hoverboard One-Wheeled Electric Skateboard

by Joseph


We now live in a world where hoverboards are actual reality rather than just science fiction, which means it might not have been the greatest idea to name a one-wheeled electric skateboard Hoverboard. Still, the board that doesn’t actually hover is still a pretty cool piece of tech as far as electric skateboards go.

Hoverboard does seek to replicate the sensation of hovering by way of its one wheel in the center, which responds to physical commands (lean forward to go, back to stop) and gives the board minimal (or almost minimal) contact with the ground. It has a top speed of 16 miles per hour and a single charge can take you as far as ten miles, so even if you’re not actually hovering, it’s not a bad way to get around.

Unfortunately, the Hoverboard does have a futuristic price tag of almost four grand at its Kickstarter page here, which hasn’t even come close to raising its fundraising goal with only 18 days to go, perhaps owing to its aforementioned name confusion.

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