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Hövding’s ‘Invisible’ Bike Helmet

by Joseph

Invisible Bike Helmet

First off, before you get your hopes up, no, this is not literally an invisible bike helmet. That’s just a clever name for a bike helmet from Hövding  that basically operates under the same principle as your standard airbag in a car – it’s “invisible” until an impact causes it to deploy, saving your head from getting cracked against the pavement AND from looking dorky in a bicycle helmet. Win-win!

So what exactly does the Hövding Invisible Bike Helmet consist of, you ask?  Simply put, it is a fabric collar that wraps around your neck (you can see what it looks like before it has been deployed in the image below).  And built inside the collar is the airbag, which is designed to inflate around the cyclist’s head upon impact.  And for those who are particular when it comes to the items they chose to wear around their neck while cycling, they’ll be happy to hear that the collars can be replaced with a variety of different styles.

The idea is still relatively new, but who knows?  In a few years, bicyclists around the world may be wondering why they ever wore those traditional, ugly-looking helmets in the first place.

To grab one of these Invisible Helmets for $600, visit Hövding’s website.

Hövding invisible bike helmet

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