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House of Jane Specializes in Cannabis Coffee

by Joseph
House of Jane

House of Jane

If you only have room in your life for one mildly psychologically addictive substance, but are unable to decide on just one, good news – there may be a solution. It’s one offered by a company called House of Jane, which specializes in coffee and other hot beverages infused with cannabis.

House of Jane makes coffee, cappuccino, French vanilla creamer, and green tea, but their killer app is probably the single-serving C-cup pods. These pods are each a single serving of Arabica coffee mixed with potent cannabis oil, which is truly an example of two great tastes that taste great together. Well, they feel great, anyway, even if they don’t taste great.

You can check out the whole House of Jane “Jane’s Brew” line of products over at the company’s official website right here. There may be better ways to start the day, but they’re probably all extremely dangerous.


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