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Hot Wheels Zoom In Car Has Built-In GoPro Mount (Video)

by Joseph
Hot Wheels Zoom In

Hot Wheels Zoom In

When I was a young Hot Wheels fanatic, I would have flipped my metaphorical wig if there had been a way for me to sit behind the wheel of my precious tiny vehicles and see what a driver of such cars would see as they hurtled along my hastily assembled racetracks and obstacle courses. Children of 2018 have a way to do this, provided they also have a GoPro Hero Session or Hero5 Session camera: The Hot Wheels Zoom In. 

The Hot Wheels Zoom In (get it?) is a Hot Wheels toy car with a built-in GoPro mount, to do what DIY explorers have been doing for years. And as you can see in the demonstration video below, the images you can get with it are extremely cool:

The Hot Wheels Zoom In will reportedly zoom into stores sometime in the next month, with a very affordable price tag of a dollar plus tax.

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