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Hot Toys Anakin Skywalker: Arguably Too Realistic

by Joseph
Hot Toys Anakin Skywalker

Hot Toys Anakin Skywalker

Anakin Skywalker, the original moral relativist, is appropriately enough now the subject of a new figure from Hot Toys that some people will find creepily realistic, while others will proudly display on their mantel – or wherever it is they keep their action figures. And besides, it’s not like Star Wars fans have a ton of toys to select from, so it’s good that the Hot Toys Anakin Skywalker has made its way to our galaxy.

The Hot Toys Anakin Skywalker is a 1/6th scale rendering of Anakin in his Revenge of the Sith getup, complete with an “interchangeable mechno right arm,” his own blue lightsaber as well as Count Dooku’s red one, both of which are illuminated via LED. Then there’s the “meticulously crafted” head, sitting atop its 31-centimeter body, begging you to ask him what it’s like to have sex on Tatooine.

Stay tuned to the Hot Toys site here for more info on the Hot Toys Anakin Skywalker.

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