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The Hot Rod Batmobile (Photos)

by Joseph
Hot Rod Batmobile
Hot Rod BatmobileHot Rod BatmobileHot Rod Batmobile

Even if you think the premise of a guy dressed up as a bat punching bad guys is stupid, you have to admit that the Batmobile itself is pretty cool. In fact, it’s one aspect of the Batman mythos that seems to be a winner no matter what. And adding to the world’s coolest car’s reputation is this new Hot Rod Batmobile from Mark La Frenais.

Although unlikely to be seen in any official Batman movies or TV shows, the Hot Rod Batmobile takes its inspiration from the greatest Batmobile of all: The 1966 model driven by Adam West. But as you can see in the gallery above, this is very much its own car.

For more of Mark La Frenais’ work, check out his website here. And keep an eye on the streets of Gotham for the chance to see his Hot Rod Batmobile in action.

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