Home Entertainment ‘Hostiles’: Upcoming Christian Bale Western (Trailer)

‘Hostiles’: Upcoming Christian Bale Western (Trailer)

by Joseph


Westerns – they used to be everywhere, but now it’s a special treat for the discerning viewer whenever they pop up in a multiplex near you/them. The latest is Hostiles, an apparently dark and violent entry in the genre starring Christian Bale and directed by Scott Cooper – which makes this a little Out of the Furnace reunion as well.

Bale’s character in Hostiles is charged with escorting a Native American chief and his family across, uh, hostile territory, but the trailer doesn’t give too many plot details away apart from that, focusing instead on tension, violence, and mood. What more do you need? You can check it out for yourself below:


IndieWire is calling Hostiles “one of the most brutal westerns you’ll ever see” right here, which I guess means they never saw Paint Your Wagon. No release date for the film has been set as yet, but it’s reportedly likely to get picked up and distributed sometime this fall.

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