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Horse Sidecar Bicycle From Horse Cycles (Video)

by Joseph
Horse Sidecar Bicycle

Horse Sidecar Bicycle

The sidecar as it’s generally known is usually attached to the side of a motorcycle, but the people at Horse have come up with a slightly different approach that could make the sidecar a more viable transportation option for people who don’t ride motorcycles (provided they’ve got a few thousand dollars to spend on the privilege). It’s the Horse Sidecar Bicycle.

The Horse Sidecar Bicycle seems to have been designed under the principle that you’re very unlikely to find anyone willing to ride beside a bicycle, so instead of the traditional one-seat sidecar design this is just a simple flatbed that can be used for transporting cargo up to a hundred pounds in weight.

You can see the Horse Sidecar Bicycle in action below. And for more, take a look at the official Horse online store here, where the bike is priced at $4,500 (hopefully you’re planning to use it to haul some pretty expensive cargo).

Here’s the video:

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