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Hopsy HomeTap: Beer, On Tap, in Your House (Video)

by Joseph
Hopsy HomeTap

Hopsy HomeTap

At the beginning of this year we told you about Hopsy, a subscription service for having beer delivered to your door. They’re still only servicing the San Francisco area, but their latest project is of interest to beer enjoyers all over the world: The Hopsy HomeTap, a device for the chilling and serving of beer right from the tap that’s designed to fit comfortably on your kitchen counter.

The Hopsy HomeTap works with special 2-liter beer bottles, and can keep them fresh and tappable for up to two weeks (provided you can make two liters of beer last that long). An indicator light lets you know when your beer is at its best temperature, but other than that there are no complicating functions or bells and whistles involved in the operation of the Hometap.

Prices on a Hopsy HomeTap subscription service start at just under $60 a month. Hopefully, Hopsy will be expanding to nationwide availability soon, but in the meantime you can get more information on the device from Hopsy’s official site right here, and see how it works in the video below.


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