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The Hook Carry Tool From The James Brand

by Joseph
The Hook

The Hook

The Hook sounds like the name of an off-brand Dick Tracy villain, a guy with a hook instead of, oh, I dunno, his hand? But this particular Hook from The James Brand is much more useful than any supercrook. ┬áThat’s because it’s an EDC tool that you can keep your keys on, as well as so much more.

Some of the other functions boasted by The Hook include bottle opener and ruler, and the whole thing can hang easily on your belt loop where it can be easily accessed no matter where you are or what you’re doing. It also comes in your choice of two different colors: One in raw stainless steel, and the other with a powder black coating.

You can order The Hook from the Cool Material online store right here, where both of its finish options are priced at a nickel under $30. And if you want to start calling yourself “Hook,” well, I can’t stop you.

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