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Smart Lyric Thermostat by Honeywell (Video)

by Joseph
Honeywell smart lyric thermostat

Honeywell smart lyric thermostat

We recently let you know about a smart ceiling fan that was in the works, and now there’s a thermostat that works along a similar line. Combine the two and you might never leave your house for fear of not being in perfect thermal comfort at all times. It’s the Lyric, a new kind of thermostat from Honeywell, who’ve been in the business for decades.

The biggest selling point of the Lyric thermostat is that you can control it with the Lyric mobile app, meaning that if you’re on your way home you can start cooling off (or warming up) your house while you’re on route. It can also calibrate your home’s temperature according to your presence and the humidity.

For a lot more information on the Lyric thermostat by Honeywell, check out Honeywell’s elaborate website for the product here. You can also get info on how to buy one, priced at around $280.

Finally, there’s a promotional video about Lyric that you can watch below. Stay away if you don’t like commercials that rhyme:


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