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Honda’s Secret Museum Gets Rare Video Tour

by Joseph
Honda's Secret Museum

Honda's Secret Museum

Somewhere in an undisclosed Southern California location, there is a secret structure housing a collection of rare Honda vehicles. It’s called Honda’s Secret Museum, and it’s usually not open to the public, but an exception was recently made on behalf of Honda YouTube ambassador HondaPro Jason, who is sharing his visit in the form of a 30-minute video.

Honda’s Secret Museum contains Honda concept cars, vintage Hondas, some Honda race cars, and more, all of which get their due attention from HondaPro Jason. At more than 30 minutes long, it’s probably not for casual fans, but Honda devotees will probably make the time to watch it in its entirety as soon as possible.

If that includes you, you can take a rare look at Honda’s Secret Museum along with HondaPro Jason in the video below. And for more from Honda, head over to the brand’s official website right here.

Here’s the video:

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