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‘Honda Paper’: Honda Unveils New Stop-Motion Ad (Video)

by Joseph
Honda "Paper"

Honda "Paper"

Honda has a much deeper history than most automotive brands, and in today’s media landscape a nearly limitless spread of options for conveying that history to potential customers and the public at large. So it’s kind of cool that they chose a relatively lo-fi medium to do so for their latest ad, entitled Honda Paper.

The Honda Paper spot traces sixty years of the company’s history in paper stop-motion animation covering everything from lawnmowers to racecars and motorcycles. It’s a cool way to emphasize just how important Honda‘s been to the automotive world over the years but in a way that’s visually interesting to people who might not normally care about Honda at all.

So, even if you’re not particularly interested in automotive history you might want to take a look at Honda Paper below. And for more from Honda, check out the company’s official site right here.

Here’s the video:

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