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Honda Produces Anti-Texting & Driving GIF

by Joseph
Honda Texting and Driving Campaign

Honda Texting and Driving Campaign

Texting and driving is reaching epidemic proportions all over the country. I, for one, have noticed almost every time I look around at a red light I see multiple drivers looking down at their phones.  And I see plenty of people doing this while moving, too!

A reported 1,600,000 accidents per year can be traced back to driver texting, and Honda has come up with an animated GIF that shows the possible consequences of texting and driving.

The GIF shows a short story entirely from the perspective of two people texting each other, one of which is driving. Then, things go bad in a way that isn’t quite possible in real life, but the message is clear regardless.

It’s kind of nice to see a big company like Honda come out strongly against the practice of texting while driving. And better yet, they did it in the most accessible mode of communication ever invented for the internet.

You can check out the animated anti-texting-and-driving GIF from Honda below. And remember never to text and drive.  And don’t text anybody who you know is driving either!

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