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Homesick Candles: Make Your House Smell Like Home

by Joseph
Homesick Candles

Homesick Candles

If you moved away from your hometown to take some big city job in New York or Los Angeles, there is now a line of scented candles designed to capture your bygone home through the olfactory center—generally thought to be the most powerful sense when it comes to memory. They’re called Homesick candles.

Homesick candles come in scents for several states, including Texas, Florida, Wisconsin, California (northern and southern varieties), and many more, with the plan being to eventually have candles for every single state, so no matter which one you come from, there you are. For example, the Florida candle has notes of citrus, sea mist, and driftwood, and all of the candles are similarly patterned to the prevailing odors of that particular state.

You can browse the entire line of Homesick candles at the product’s official site right here. Prices start at $30, which is much cheaper than a plane ticket home.


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