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#HomerLive: ‘The Simpsons’ Doing Live Segment in May

by Joseph


It’s fitting that the final frontier for television animation — live broadcast — would be achieved by The Simpsons, since the show has reached so many other milestones over the course of its historic run. It’s also fitting that it would be identified via the hashtag “#HomerLive,” over which Twitter users can submit questions to one Homer J. Simpson to be answered during a three-minute live segment of the show in May.

#HomerLive will use motion-capture technology to achieve what was formerly an absurd impossibility on broadcast television: Live animation. During the segment, Homer’s voice actor Dan Castellaneta will answer fan questions and do enough uber-topical material to ensure that the performance could only have been delivered live — for both the east coast and west coast feeds.

The #HomerLive episode of The Simpsons is scheduled to air on Fox on May 15th, with fans urged by Fox to ask their questions between May 1st and May 4th (why can’t they answer more recently-asked questions if the segment is live? I do not know the answer). For now, you can see a little bit more on the experiment in the brand new field of televised live animation at The Hollywood Reporter right here.

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