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Holus: “The Interactive Tabletop Holographic Display”

by Joseph


In a more innocent age, one of the promises of the future was always holograms. And yet, here in 2015, daily life is depressingly short on holograms, and the ones we do have are impersonating dead rappers and comedians and aren’t even real holograms anyway. But soon we’ll have Holus, an “interactive tabletop holographic display” that can turn two-dimensional content from a variety of sources into interactive 3D holograms.

Holus can be used for games, education (educational games), teleconferencing, and pretty much any other application you can imagine for a tabletop, three-dimensional hologram. It’s also compatible ¬†with other devices, like motion-sensors and headsets, and it comes in both Home and Pro versions depending on the needs of the user.

Or at least it will, once its Kickstarter fundraising phase is over. But given that it has a little under a month to go and it’s already more than doubled its original goal, it’s safe to say that Holus is here for the long run. You can place your pre-order starting at $850 over at Kickstarter right here.

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