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Hollyweed: Vandals Upgrade the Hollywood Sign

by Joseph


2017 has been anticipated by many with a mixture of dread and terror, but the year actually began with, dare I say it, a pretty positive omen. It could be found in beautiful Hollywood, California, where the iconic Hollywood Sign was for a brief shining moment replaced with a sign reading “Hollyweed.”

Around 3 AM on the morning of New Year’s Day, an ingenious artist used black and white tarp to change the last two O’s in the sign to E’s, creating a message that resonated throughout the world: Hollyweed. And the person or persons who accomplished this feat of public service is/are still at large, according to the Los Angeles Police Department.

Alas, like all good things, the Hollyweed Sign was not long for this world, and was reportedly replaced (or “fixed,” if you insist on using that term) before 2017 was more than a few hours old. But its lesson to us all will live on forever.

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