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Holiday Pringles Coming to a Grocery Store Near You

by Joseph
Holiday Pringles

Holiday Pringles

Look, I’m not happy about this, but the fact remains that it’s time to start preparing ourselves for the annual Christmas Brand Onslaught. To help foster an atmosphere of such preparedness, I’m alerting readers to the existence of holiday Pringles. ┬áIf you can prepare yourself for these, you’re ready for any Yuletide product that may come your way.

The upcoming line of holiday Pringles will include three tough-to-imagine flavors: “Salted Caramel,” “Sugar Cookie,” and “Pecan Pie.” The chips (or crisps, as the case may be) will come in special holiday-themed cans with Christmas sweater and yellow gift bow graphics, all the better for when you stuff them into the stocking of whoever managed to annoy you the most in 2016.

Holiday Pringles will reportedly be on a store shelf (or in a stocking) near you over the next few weeks, so keep an eye out for them if you’re interested in getting into the holiday spirit in the most snacktacular way imaginable.

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