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Hobo Coins Based on Depression-Era Designs

by Joseph
Hobo Coins via Cool Material

Hobo Coins via Cool Material

The Great Depression was also the golden age of the yegg, traveling vagabonds also known as hobos. Back in those days, one of the most prevalent pastimes for hobos was the engraving of US coins with personal designs.  Coins that received this treatment have somewhat ironically gone onto become valuable collectors’ items. Now, artist Chris Ovdiyenko is taking inspiration from those designs for a new line of crowdfunded Hobo Coins.

Hobo Coins might look like traditional US tender at first, but a closer look reveals them to bear images that are far darker and perhaps even a little more psychedelic than anything that would be approved by the US Mint. So far, they come in antique bronze, antique copper, and brass-plated steel, with solid silver coming up depending on flex goal funding.

The cheapest Hobo Coins start at $14 at the project’s Kickstarter campaign here, where you can also get a lot more information on these special edition coins.

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