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by Joseph
H&M SportH&M SportH&M SportH&M SportH&M SportH&M Sport


New from H&M, it’s H&M Sport, the fashion retailer’s collection of styles aimed at active and athletic men and women. The new collection doesn’t come as a complete surprise to those who follow H&M, as the company recently hinted at something along these lines when it announced their association with Swedish Olympic athletes in the coming years.

The H&M Sport collection includes weather-resistant running jackets, yoga wear, tennis shorts, workout gear, and more.  And they’re designed for almost any active individual, from Olympic-level athletes all the way down to your amateur yoga practitioner.

Select H&M retailers will carry H&M Sport starting on January 2nd, but before then you can take a look at the collection in the photos above, straight from H&M itself.

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