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Hiuni: “A Smart, Connected GoTo Telescope”

by Joseph


Stargazing is great but it leaves a little to be desired as a social, group activity. There’s a new kind of telescope now raising funds on Kickstarter that’s seeking to change that: Hiuni, which is a new smart telescope that’s engineered to give groups of people a simultaneous stargazing experience.

Hiuni is a computerized telescope that’s designed not just for groups but for newcomers to the world of astronomy. An the hardest part of operating any telescope — finding an object in the sky and pointing at it — is totally automated and computerized thanks to its completely self-guided navigation system. Just pick out whatever celestial body you feel like keeping an eye on, select, and voila, you can share the images picked up by the telescope with anyone with a compatible device. Set it, and forget it.

Anyway, you can get a lot more information on the Hiuni telescope at its Kickstarter listing right here, with pre-orders starting at $539, and shipments set to begin in June of next year.

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