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21 Stylish But Ridiculous Hip Hop Chains

by Esteban
1 rick ross wearing chain of rick ross wearing a rick ross chain

ridiculous hip hop chains

A rapper can have the slickest rhymes, the freshest beats, and an armful of Grammys and BET Awards. But how do you know if he’s really made it? From the bling. Duh. If a guy doesn’t have at least, oh, 50k worth of ice handing around his neck at all times, he can’t be legit. Those are just the rules.

Of course, some rappers go way above and beyond the basic need to show off their socioeconomic status through custom jewelry. These guys don’t just settle with a simple diamond-encrusted crucifix by Jacob Arabo. They want to be original, so they come up with extravagant, outlandish, and utterly ridiculous designs for chains that supposedly “say something” about them. Then they actually wear these chains in public.

It’s all pretty hilarious. And today, we’re going to take a look at some of these things—the most ridiculous chains in hip hop.

Have fun.

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