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Hip-Hop Hall of Fame Coming to Harlem

by Joseph
Hip-Hop Hall of Fame

Hip-Hop Hall of Fame

One can only guess at why it took so long for this to happen, but plans have finally been approved for a genuine Hip-Hop Hall of Fame, coming next year to Harlem, NY. The organization heading up the project have placed the winning bid for a 125th Street building that will become the Hall’s home.

Around $150 million will be needed in order to complete the Hip-Hop Hall of Fame project, but if everything comes together the complex will purportedly seek to “preserve, archive, exhibit, educate and showcase hip-hop music and culture from around the world” through ““important and unique documentation of hip-hop’s development and its impact on social trends,” according to the official press release.

That press release can be found right here, where you can read more about the upcoming Hip-Hop Hall of Fame. The museum is scheduled to open sometime in February of next year, so stay tuned for more information.

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