Home Entertainment ‘Hilarity for Charity’ Netflix Comedy Special from Seth Rogen (Trailer)

‘Hilarity for Charity’ Netflix Comedy Special from Seth Rogen (Trailer)

by Joseph
Hilarity for Charity

Hilarity for Charity

Everybody loves a good charity comedy special, especially when it’s spearheaded by someone with the clout to secure the participation of an all-star cast and Jon Lovitz. Someone like Seth Rogen, whose upcoming Netflix special Hilarity for Charity has a new trailer out today. Here’s the official skinny:

“Join Seth Rogen and his famous friends for an outrageous comedy special that combines stand-up, sketches, and music — and could only come from Seth’s mind.”

How much that appeals to you probably depends on how much you enjoy the work of Seth Rogen, but luckily Hilarity for Charity appears stacked enough in the personnel department to draw almost anybody who likes comedy in 2018. Check out the trailer below for a sneak peek:

Seth Rogen’s Hilarity for Charity comes to Netflix on April 6th. Oh, and just in case you care about what “charity” we’re talking about here, it’s raising money for Alzheimer’s research, I think.

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