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Highland Park Ice Edition Scotch Whisky (Video)

by Joseph
Highland Park Ice Edition

Highland Park Ice Edition

Scotch brand Highland Park is celebrating its Viking heritage (and, perhaps, the rapidly-melting glaciers of the North and South Poles) with their new Highland Park Ice Edition, a limited edition scotch whisky 17 years in the making and encased in a special edition “glacial packaging.”

There will only be under 4,000 bottles of Highland Park Ice Edition distributed within the United States, but all of them will contain the brand’s spiritual homage to Norse mythology:

“According to legend, the ice realm, Niflheim, is the homeplace of darkness, cold, ice and frost. The first Ice Giant, Ymir, was born at the beginning of time when the edge of the realm melted from the heat of the neighbouring fire realm, Muspelheim, and he is the first creature mentioned in Norse creation mythology.

As Ymir slept, he gave birth to the Jotun family, a race of powerful Ice Giants standing at over 20 feet high and known as the Gods of Creation. When they shook, fought or sneezed, it caused earthquakes!”

No, that’s not promotional spiel for the next Thor movie.  It’s Highland Park’s retelling of some of the Norse myths that inspired the upcoming Highland Park Ice Edition scotch whisky. You can get a visual taste of the Ice Edition’s novel packaging in the “mood video” below, and for more information trek over to Highland Park’s site here. To get a bottle for yourself, hit up your nearest select liquor store by the end of the month, where you should start seeing bottles, if they aren’t there already.

Here’s the video:

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