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HidrateMe: A Water Bottle That Tells You When to Drink

by Joseph


Human beings are born equipped with a little gadget that tells them when to drink water via a signal that we refer to in English as “thirst.” But let’s face it, sometimes thirst just isn’t enough. For those times, there’s HidrateMe, a smart water bottle that tracks your drinking habits and tells you when it’s time to drink some more water, based on your own water intake goals.

HidrateMe works in conjunction with a smartphone app that also gives you notifications on when it might be a good idea for you to rehydrate. It’s not intended as a permanent solution to that “I forgot to drink water” blues, though, as its one-year battery life is intended to build good water drinking habits so you don’t need it anymore after that period of time has elapsed.

Like all truly great products, HidrateMe is raising funds on Kickstarter here, where it’s succeeded in raising more than $100,000 more than its original goal, with well over a month to go. There, you can pre-order yours starting at $45, with shipments slated to begin in December – just try not to die of dehydration before then.

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