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Heys Stealth: First Luggage With Retractable Wheels

by Joseph
Heys Stealth

In the last couple decades or so, wheeled luggage has successfully made the transition from something big-shots and dandies use at the airport to something almost everybody has, and now luggage brand Heys is taking things to the next level with the new Heys Stealth line, purported to be the first luggage in the world with retractable wheels.

The mechanisms that allow the wheels on Heys Stealth luggage to retract out of sight and out of mind are made from aircraft-grade aluminum, so you don’t have to worry about them breaking unless you’re exposing them to conditions not found in a typical airport. There’s also some extra storage space freed up by the design.

You can see a couple photos of the new Heys Stealth luggage with retractable wheels in the gallery below. If you like what you see, head over to the Heys online store here, where the pieces in the collection start at $250.

Here’s the gallery:

Heys StealthHeys Stealth

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