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Hexcup: The “World’s Best Beer Pong Cup”

by Joseph


Beer pong is a game that sprung out of the fertile ground of boredom, alcohol, and man’s fundamental tendency towards competitiveness in all activities. But just because the game originated from having nothing to do, doesn’t mean you have to play with substandard materials all the time, which is why Hexcup exists.

Well, “exists” may be a bit too strong, since Hexcup still has a ways to go in its Kickstarter campaign with less than three weeks on the clock. But as a concept, it undoubtedly exists, and that concept is for durable, hexagonal cups that are engineered for beer pong, instead of being made to fill a duty no Solo cup was ever meant to fill.

If you want to help nudge Hexcup into a firmer plane of existence, you can contribute to the product’s Kickstarter campaign right here, where pre-orders for a full set of cups start at $15.

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