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HERO Smart Pill Manager

by Joseph


Why should healthy, robust people reap all the benefits of smart technology? Answer: They shouldn’t! Enter the HERO, a pill dispenser that manages, dispenses, and organizes regular-taken medication, eliminating the need for guesswork and significantly reducing the possibility of potentially dangerous human error.

HERO holds up to ten different medications in pill form on your counter top, and it delivers an alert when it’s time to take your medicine, according to the schedule programmed into it. If Daddy needs some extra juice right away, you can also get the pill you want on-demand, and it sends out alerts when a pill is missed.

It’s not the sexiest smart gadget out there, but if you’re on any kind of pill-based regimen it could be a pretty vital one. For more info you can check out HERO’s official site right here, and orders are currently priced at $499, with a $100 price jump coming as soon as supplies run out.

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