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Hermès Tie Society: Brand Launches Necktie Subscription Service

by Joseph
Hermès Tie Society

Hermès Tie Society

If you love neckties and wish there was something akin to Netflix for neckties (which, I must note, is extremely difficult to say out loud), then French luxury brand Hermès has come through in the clutch for the quasi-fulfillment of your dream. It’s the Hermès Tie Society, which lets members subscribe to ties that are customized to your own personal style.

Join the Hermès Tie Society and you’ll be asked not just your color, material, and pattern preferences for neckties, but you’ll be subjected to a personality test as well to get a broader sense of your style. Then, depending on your subscription level, you’ll get a new tie every month, every two months, or every three months – just make sure to keep reminding people that your eyes are up there. Eventually, you will have “an enviable necktie collection,” according to Hermès.

Right now, you have to go to your nearest participating Hermès location – in Costa Mesa, Beverly Hills, San Francisco, Chicago, Houston, Dallas, Boston, Washington D.C., and two in New York – to sign up for the Hermès Tie Society, but there are plans to roll out the program on a wider basis in the near future, and you can get more information right here.

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