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Here One Smart Earbuds

by Joseph
Here One

Here One

If you’re walking around with earbuds crammed in your ears most of the time, you may have at some time or another wished they could do more than just play audio from a connected device (maybe? Possibly??). If so, you may be interested in a pair of Here One smart earbuds, which pack a lot of technological features into their tiny, ear-shaped bodies.

Here One earbuds can do a lot of cool stuff in addition to their usual wireless earbud duties. They sync up with their designated app, and can provide selective noise reduction (so loud traffic sounds can still get your attention while you’re out biking or running), provide real-time audio equalization and volume control for live music, amplify conversation, and more.

For all that, it’s not too surprising that a pair of Here One smart earbuds will set you back almost $300 from the product’s official site here, where you can pre-order a pair and also get a little bit more info on what they can do.

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