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Hemingwrite: An Old-School Typewriter With A High-Tech Twist (Pics)

by Joseph


The typewriter was, by most accounts, a clunky and difficult piece of technology compared to the word processors of today. Unless you grew up with one, it’s unlikely you’d use one now, which means you have no idea about the joy of hammering out a literary project without the distractions of the internet and social media breathing down your neck. At least, not until you try the Hemingwrite, a machine that brings the typewriter’s singular focus on the task at hand into the 21st century.

The Hemingwrite (named for legendary author Ernest Hemingway) has an e-ink display, 6 weeks (!!) of battery life, and a memory that can hold more than a million pages of text, but, just like its namesake, its best feature might just be what it doesn’t do. It doesn’t let you check your email, or use Google, or give you Facebook and Twitter notifications, or anything else that would distract you from your masterful plot and engaging characters.

The Hemingwrite is still in development, but the product launch is expected to be here soon. You can get updates, as well as more information on the Hemingwrite, from the product’s website here. Until then, you may want to take a page from Hemingway and just start drinking.

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