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Hella Slingshots: Recapture Some Childhood Mischief

by Joseph
Hella Slingshots

Hella Slingshots

The slingshot used to be a universal symbol of boyhood, if not childhood in general, but it’s fallen out of favor in the last few decades, perhaps due to the rise of Nerf guns and other less potentially damaging toys in the same vein. But now there’s a company attempting to bring them back – Hella Slingshots.

Hella Slingshots are basically premium, old-fashioned slingshots made by hand at the company’s San Francisco headquarters out of naturally forked tree limbs. A walnut finish, hemp shellacked grip, and latex rubber band are all added, with the whole thing going in a genuine leather pouch – and obviously, no two slingshots look exactly alike.

At $45 a pop, some of Hella Slingshots’ wares are a little bit more expensive than the slingshots our forefathers played with as kids. But they sell plenty of cheaper slingshots too, and you can check out the whole thing at the store’s Amazon page right here.

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